I Write Marketing Materials That Make You More Money…

(… and drive more leads, replies, or desired responses from your ads and promotions)


Perhaps it’s best to think of my work like that of a doctor’s: I write and prescribe remedies for under-the-weather sales.

After all, my work keeps your business healthy. In fact, it helps business owners and agencies avoid the most damaging form of self-sabotage to the health of their businessespoor marketing.

I say “self-sabotage” because these businesses don’t intentionally craft ineffective marketing.

Yet this ailment affects the vast majority of businesses you see— sadly, without the business (and their clients) even knowing it.

And since it pains me to see well-meaning people invest in sub-par marketing that an expert can tell will fail before sign-off, I want to help you avoid the same.


We all make decisions based on the words we use, read, and hear

so are you using the most persuasive ones to attract and close more business?


Please get in touch if you’re unsure.

Because that’s the question I help you answer. I’m a direct-response copywriter and I ensure your marketing materials use the best words to appeal to your ideal prospects.

Whether it’s a landing page, sales letter, email series, brochure, print ad or any piece intended to grow your business, how can I make your marketing feel better today?

The Captain

– Drew Bay