How To FINALLY – And Simply – Skyrocket Your Sales, Stand Out From The Crowd, And Ensure Qualified Prospects Come Running To You… Without Wasting Another Dime On ‘Branding’

*(Your Competitors DO NOT Want You To Read This)

Because when you supercharge your marketing with what you’ll find here at Captain Copy, you CAN pull ahead of the pack– and soak up as much profit as you should have been from your current and NEW customers. This means more business for you…at the expense of your stiffest competition.
Want more great news? This is NOT rocket science. Not by a long shot…

You don’t need to:

  • Be an SEO master and “internet marketing guru” of any kind
  • Possess slick sales skills and the uncompromising charisma of a George Clooney
  • Be fully-versed in all of today’s ever changing social media trends and tech gadgets
  • Attend countless networking events
  • Have boatloads of cash

No, you simply need to keep painfully basic, (not always) common sense principles in mind. And trust me, they’re VERY BASIC!

The sad thing is, 99% of business owners don’t stop to think about these principles– or if they have– don’t have a clue on how to implement them to drive sales and 100% qualified leads for their business.
Why aren’t you making the kind of money you deserve, the kind of money you know you can? Just because you’re working harder doesn’t mean you’re going to get better results…You need to implement far more effective marketing strategies that RESONATE with your prospective customers and INDUCE them to want to buy from you… strategies that solidify their desire to open up their wallets to purchase something you absolutely know they are willing and able to buy!

It’s a terribly simple formula that curiously isn’t followed by your competitors:

  1. Intelligently spend your advertising/marketing dollars on communications strictly geared to qualified customers (that have or would purchase from a business like yours) with laser-like precision.
  2. Next, appeal to their emotions in creating a believable, persuasive sales message.
  3. Finally, provide them NO CHOICE but to pick up a phone, click, or come to you for a solution they need

It doesn’t matter how fancy your website, how pretty your brochures, how many ‘likes’ on Facebook, or how many ads you’ve purchased, if you DON’T give your customers a rock-solid, true, meaningful (we’re not talking “our customers are #1,” because that’s not meaningful)– reason to do business with you. Short of this, your time and money will be hopelessly buried in the ever-increasing population of the marketing graveyard.


Because You Didn’t Convince Your Audience That They Should Spend Money With You

And this is where your solution lies: with effective emotional, direct-response copywriting for your marketing and sales collateral.

It’s putting the power of words to work for you. It’s that extra edge that pushes YOUR name to the top of the heap when customers are looking for solutions that both you and your competitors can provide.

Whether it’s a website, sales letter, email campaign, direct mail, or any online or traditional marketing, your message is assured to be more effective at generating business than it has before.

I’m Drew Bay (aka ‘Captain Copy’) and “I Prove To Decision Makers Why They MUST Do Business With You!” I implement PROVEN marketing techniques into your business that are guaranteed to cut through the clutter… and give YOUR customers that unquestionably meaningful reason to spend money with you.

It’s all planned with a little dose of marketing savvy, a pinch of common psychology, and a dash of accurate audience selection.

And it’s executed through thoroughly planned, exceptionally written marketing and sales material… the kind of material that gets noticed by the right audience, resonates with that audience because it affects them personally, and inspires that audience to take action by contacting you.

An added bonus? You can track your marketing dollars’ return on investment with each and every campaign, sales letter, website, or whatever marketing collateral we create. After each project, you will know 100% of the time how successful the initiative was.

No longer do you have to worry about how effective your Yellow Pages space was, your direct mail piece to the local neighborhood performed, or the response on a newspaper or online ad. This is a thing of the past.

You will now be able to make smart decisions with your money and marketing by adhering to these principles.

And that’s the process in a nutshell… the process that your competitors do not consider in enough depth to perpetually bring them profitable business. You can have this though– you CAN have the luxury of new and repeat business coming to you as often as you like.

*I solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth*: you can achieve this state of vastly improved business and recognition of being an industry leader by simply improving your marketing message.

The right message to the right audience via the right medium is vital in assuring your business’s success.

Captain Copy will ensure this process is handled from start to finish, while implementing all the emotional, direct-response marketing techniques that are required to bring your business improved results. We’ll hold your marketing accountable and remedy any weak spots in your sales message and delivery.

You DON’T NEED TO throw aimless darts at a wall and hope they will stick. There truly is a way that you can get ahead and take hold of your industry… and your success.

Contact me TODAY to find out how to begin putting this proven, winning process to work for you and your business. Read about my ‘No B.S.’ 100% risk-free copywriting guarantee and why these methods increase your sales without changing a thing about your product or service.

The faster you realize– and more importantly– accept that there ARE better ways of marketing your business and improving your sales, the faster you can ACT to do something about it!

Don’t hesitate and lose out on business you could have had all along. Start doing what 99% of your competitors AREN’T DOING that’s costing everyone a piece of the pie…

Make Your Marketing MEANINGFUL To Those Who Would Actually Buy From You!

Supercharge your marketing and take over your industry– because the status quo just won’t cut it for your business.

To Your Success,

The Captain

Captain Copy
Drew Bay

PS. Don’t just hope that your advertising will work. Ensure it will be readily noticed, will resonate with the right audience, and give that audience NO CHOICE but to excitedly contact you, because your business appealed to them like no other before it.

Ensure that prospects will be banging down the door to do business with YOU– instead of the other way around– by taking advantage of my ‘No B.S.’ 100% risk-free copywriting guarantee. You have nothing to lose with this unique offer… and everything to gain.

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